Website hosting plays a hidden role in any site’s search engine optimisation work. Choosing a bad hosting provider can affect your site’s search engine ranking.

There are a lot of web hosting providers who offer cheap website hosting to attract customers, but it is important to be aware of certain factors which affect SEO.

These are some tips from for choosing an SEO friendly web hosting services.

Unique IP Address: Some website hosting providers host multiple domains on the same IP address, which is not SEO friendly. Search engines may take it as spamming and can blacklist the server.

Choose a Local Data Centre: If you are targeting a particular location for your online business promotion then you should make sure you choose a web hosting company that have a data centre in that country. Search engines give more priority to the local hosted website than the hosting provided from any other country in the results based on local search engine results.

Choose a Server with SEO Friendly Settings: Your web hosting should have the facility for redirecting such as mod_rewrite, mod_alias, 301 redirect, 302 redirect, custom 404 page errors and more.

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