The goal of website accessibility is to make web content accessible to all people, independent of their platform or any disabilities they have. This means ensuring that websites are available to every device: from mobile phones to screen readers, text browsers, and alternative browsers and devices.

Accessibility is finely linked with Search Engine Optimisation because such practices (such as separating style from content, minimizing obtrusive JavaScript, and streamlining code) allow search engines to more easily spider, index, and rank web pages.

It may be useful to think of search engines as users with substantial constraints: they can’t read text in images, can’t interpret JavaScript, and can’t ‘view’ many other kinds of multimedia content. These are the types of problems that accessibility is supposed to solve in the first place.

At Europa Studio, we follow best practices for accessibility. Our websites are designed to be accessible to blind and deaf users as well as those who view websites via text-only browsers. As a result, you can expect better traffic from Google.

For more information on accessibility, please contact us.

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