What are your business objectives? To gain a greater audience? To speak in an authentic voice that reflects your brand? To connect with your customer?

We deliver the highest-quality design in alignment with your business objectives.

How do you choose who is going to design your website?

In business, high-quality design is one of the most important factors in gaining credibility. Customer perception is hugely important.

An entry-level designer might provide the most cost-effective option. However, you may have to work hard at briefing them, as well as paying close attention to the project management process. Not having much design or coding experience, the results may be disappointing.

Large agencies, on the other hand, tend to represent the upper end of the market. With larger overheads, they charge larger fees. However, you may find much of the less strategic work is delegated to less senior (and less expensive) staff. You may be paying agency prices for an entry-level designer.

We are structured a little differently.

You will be assigned an experienced and interdisciplinary project consultant who will be your main point of contact. They will provide design, branding and business expertise rolled into one. We bring in additional software development expertise only if the project requires it, thereby ensuring the most cost-effective use of your budget.

If you’re serious about design and would like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us to discuss your business objectives.

Website Choices

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of website – ‘static’ or ‘dynamic’.

Static websites are the cheapest to develop and host, therefore many smaller companies use them to get a web presence. However, a level of web development expertise is required every time you need to update it and therefore content can get stagnant very quickly. If you are using your website to provide mostly unchanging information to visitors, than a static site may be right for you.

Dynamic sites on the other hand can be more expensive to develop initially, but the advantages are numerous. At a basic level, a dynamic website allows you to update the site yourself using just an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc). You will have complete control of your web content and can add/edit/delete information using a passworded login system. No HTML or other technical knowledge is necessary.

Dynamic websites are ideal for making timely updates. Search engines such as Google also favour websites that are updated regularly with fresh, relevant content.

What our clients say:

“Europa Studio has created a website for Wilton Carpets that combines ease of use, useful functionality, good looks and branding – and gets us to the top of Google rankings with our chosen keywords. Scalability is great too – we’re now creating the largest database of commercial carpet designs available that will be easily searchable with our Design Search.”

— Suna Jones, Marketing Manager, Wilton Carpets

“Having decided to update our web site, we set about finding the right partner. We found Europa Studio and were taken by their web designs. Bearing in mind you are putting your business in front of the whole world, customers must like what they see. And they do. For Deluxe Cruises, having a site that is both user friendly but technologically advanced and full of innovation was important. We want as many people to see the site and the emphasis on search engine optimisation was important. Now we appear on the first page of many Google searches. We just love our new site!”

— Mike King, Deluxe Cruises

“We have used Europa Studio for several projects. I was particularly impressed with the commitment and dedication shown by the staff, who worked hard to meet some very tight deadlines and who were always willing to make continued modifications until the end product was accepted by all the stakeholders involved.”

— Philippa Langdown, Commissioning Manager, NHS Portsmouth City Teaching PCT

“Europa Studio have a ‘can do-will do’ approach which delivers excellence every time we work with them.”

— Steve N Whittaker, Managing Director, STOREBEST ( UK ) Ltd

“I have been working with Europa Studio for many years now. I’m an events organiser and image is important. They produce clean, contemporary websites that create a buzz, because they’re so beautifully designed. If you want cutting-edge service, with the very latest innovations, I highly recommend Europa Studio.”

— Brian Jenner, European Speechwriter Network

“Thanks very much for all your work on my website and also for helping me to understand the whole process, in particular, SEO. The site looks great and I am really pleased with it.”

— John Brooks, Managing Director, PCN Appeals

“I am very impressed with the creative input, and the professional liaison which you provide. I am delighted with the result, and have received commendable feedback from various companies and colleagues around the world. These include senior correspondents at The Sunday Times, ABC News, owners of marketing companies, tour operators and other travel professionals. I hope we can continue to work on other projects.”

— June Field, Director, Three Sixty Degrees

“People use images and style to project who they are. There is a certain type of customer I want to attract and I do this by getting a designer who gives my marketing materials the right look and feel. When I didn’t spend much on my website, I got lots of timewasting enquiries. Even in a recession people will buy with their emotions, not their rational thoughts, so branding is more important than ever.”

— Brian Jenner, UK Speechwriters’ Guild

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